Post-Installation WASP Manual

Every shipowner needs to know what to expect from their wind assist installations. This is why we thought of creating a customized manual that can be consulted any time it is needed.

The Blue Wasp manual covers all relevant aspects of wind-assisted propulsion, from performance to the safety of your vessel. The ship is subjected to a rigorous screening covering every sailing condition.  The functional limits of the wind propulsion systems are highlighted to ensure safe operations during the voyage and in-port manoeuvers. Furthermore, the ship components which are directly or indirectly affected by the wind systems are tested for extreme aerodynamic loadings.  In this way, we prevent hazardous operations and make sure the safety of your ship is never at risk. 

Wind assist is an innovative technology. The Blue Wasp manual is an indispensable support that ensures the smooth and safe operation of your wind assist vessel.

 Wind-assisted propulsion is the new promising technology that today can ensure double-digit fuel savings. 

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