EEDI/EEXI Compliance with Wind Assist

As per approval of the IMO during the MEPC 76 meeting, starting from 1st January 2023 all vessels above 400 GT (falling under MARPOL Annex VI) will have to comply with the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI). 

Wind-assisted propulsion is contemplated under “Innovative Technologies” in the EEDI/EEXI formulations, and it offers the possibility to meet the new ship efficiency requirements while avoiding further speed reductions.

Are you interested to know how wind assistance can make your ship compliant with the new EEDI/EEXI requirements? Here is what we can do for you:

  • We analyze your ship and its operational profile
  • We develop suitable arrangements considering the most popular wind propulsion systems
  • We calculate the wind assist power contribution to EEDI/EEXI rating according to the latest IMO rules

What are the adventages

  • Feasible wind assist arrangements
  • Accurate calculations by wind assist experts
  • Quick delivery

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 Wind-assisted propulsion is the new promising technology that today can ensure double-digit fuel savings. 

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