Holistic Wind Assist Ship Performance Analysis

From 1st January 2023, all cargo, RoPax and cruise vessels above 5000 GT need to comply with the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating scheme which, differently from the EEXI, is an operational measure. This means that, in 2023, these ships need to prove with onboard performance monitoring data a 5% reduction in carbon intensity compared to 2019. Every year after 2023, the CII reduction rates are increased, already reaching 11% in 2026.

Wind assist offers tangible fuel savings across the entire vessel speed operational range, allowing flexibility to ensure your fleet is future proofed against stricter emission regulations.

Wind propulsion systems, however, cannot be considered as straightforward add-on thrust generators. Wind assistance implies aerodynamic interactions and hydrodynamic performance alterations occurring to the ship, which can be significant and complex. Identifying and quantifying these effects, studied within the actual weather systems across global trading routes, will provide a more accurate prediction assessment of the true investment potential, while it will reveal limitations and restrictions of the wind propulsion systems in use.

To take full advantage of wind assistance, and to be in control of vessel operations, we recommend the following analysis:

  • Tell us about your goals
  • In consultation with you, we select the most suitable wind propulsion arrangements for your ship
  • We test your ship using our Performance Prediction Software for different speeds and loading conditions
  • We provide you with a fully customized report including:

    • Realistic and unbiased fuel/power savings projections using route-specific wind data
    • Full screening of ship response (stability/ maneuverability/engine/propeller/rudder)
    • Wind assist power contribution to EEDI/EEXI scoring
    • Capex Investment analysis calculations
    • Any other analysis that matters to you

What are the advantages

  • Realistic and unbiased performance predictions
  • Full screening of ship response/identification of operational limits
  • No need for expensive CFD or model tests thanks to our Performance Prediction Software
  • Quick delivery

 Wind-assisted propulsion is the new promising technology that today can ensure double-digit fuel savings. 

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