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Wind Assist is a promising technology to decarbonize the shipping industry.
It is our mission to make sure you get it right.

We are marine engineers who since 2013 have dedicated themselves to wind-assisted propulsion, combining our passion for sailing and green technology. During our PhD experience at TUDelft, we have collaborated with world-leading institutions among which Damen Shipyards, MARIN, Dykstra Naval Architects and Polytechnic University Milan. This collaboration resulted in an acknowledged track record of conference papers and scientific publications. With Blue Wasp, we decided to make our expertise available to the shipping industry. We believe that wind-assisted propulsion can play a key role in the decarbonization of marine transport: it is our ambition to facilitate your journey during these challenging times.

Story & Mission

We got involved with wind-assisted ship propulsion back in 2013 when we started our PhD projects at TUDelft, with the goal of understanding the behaviour and predicting the performance of these hybrid vessels. Soon we realized the potential of wind assist; a readily available technology that can help the shipping industry comply with its decarbonization mission. With Blue Wasp, we made it our mission too. We developed a unique simulation tool that can accurately assess the ship response and the fuel savings of any wind propulsion system. This allows us to provide you with an independent overview of the technology best suited for your fleet and a full screening of the ship response, making sure that vessel operations are under control at any time. It is our commitment to guide you from a preliminary assessment throughout the installation phase, to ensure that you take full benefits of wind assistance without taking any unnecessary risk.

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 Wind-assisted propulsion is the new promising technology that today can ensure double-digit fuel savings. 

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