WiSP2 Joint Industry Project  

Having been a part of the WiSP joint industry project organised by MARIN and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Blue Wasp Marine is now pleased to be participating in WiSP2. The follow-up project, also coordinated by MARIN, builds on the success of the first, with a focus on making evaluations within the new EEXI and EEDI regulatory framework and of real operational conditions.  

The project aims to identify the amount of fuel savings shipowners can achieve with wind-assisted propulsion, enabling them to make informed investment decisions. 

Blue Wasp’s role in the project is to look at the aerodynamic interaction effects between ship and sails. We are examining the underlying physics to understand the magnitude of these effects, and exploring simpler methods to account for them in performance simulations for wind-assisted vessels. This is done with a sensitivity study, testing different aerodynamic parameters / models, across a range of different fidelity methods from CFD to the Lifting Line Method.

Wind-assisted propulsion is the new promising technology that today can ensure double-digit fuel savings. 

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